The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine

The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine unites the leading builders and developers of Ukraine for the full development of the construction industry, improvement of the investment climate and the development of the country’s economy as a whole. The construction is a special kind of activity of the national economy, the effectiveness of which depends on both the pace of Ukraine’s exit from the crisis and the competitiveness of its economy. The construction industry is also one of the most important means of improving the material production and the living conditions of the population. Therefore, the objective of the Confederation is to bring the construction industry of Ukraine to a new European level forming a quality market for construction services.

The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine is always focused on European values because Ukraine’s integration in Europe has helped to create positive regulations for state building. Moreover, the Confederation does its best to make Ukraine not only the attractive business environment for Ukrainian developers, but for foreign investors as well. This modern platform deals with establishing relationships with potential partners, establishing and improving the legal framework. The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine will provide you with all the necessary assistance in the development of your construction business and will protect your interests.

The company “Liko-Holding”, a pioneer in the construction industry of Ukraine, is part of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine and honorary president, Igor Lysov, is its first vice-president.