May 18, 2014 CEO of Liko-Holding, Honored Builder of Ukraine – Valeriy Kudelya departed for 63 years prematurely due to a short illness.

Valery Kudel was born on January 29, 1952.

He started his career in 1970 as a carpenter. After graduating from the Kyiv Engineering and Construction Institute in 1979, he worked at the Ukrtsivilsilbud Institute and then at the Communist Production Association.
Since 1994, Valery Ivanovich has held the position of CEO of Liko-Holding. Under his direct leadership, the capital’s residential complex Liko-Grad was erected, he coordinated the activities of contracting organizations and more than forty enterprises that are part of the Holding.

Valeriy Ivanovich’s life path is an example of human dignity, diligence, benevolence, principle, responsibility, honesty, ability to tolerate working with people.
With him, we have lost a prominent personality, a person who throughout his life has worked hard and consistently to develop the construction industry of Ukraine.

Valery Ivanovich was not only a highly skilled and excellent leader, but also a kind, decent and responsive person.

A well-known and well-known enthusiast of his business – he will forever remain one of the best builders not only in Ukraine but in the world.

.. It has been two years since Kudel Valerie Ivanovich was gone, but the bright memory of him will forever remain in our hearts …

The staff of Liko-Holding Company wholeheartedly shares the depth of irreparable loss with the family of Valeriy Kudeli.

Bright and eternal memory …