Prospects and development

Liko-Holding Company is constantly working on improving the program of social and humanitarian development and improving the quality of information policy. We are grateful to each of you for your trust and active public position!

Social policy

In recent years, Liko Holding has built and opened: Liko-World Preschool, Liko Sports Center with a base for Olympic water jumping, Liko Elementary School, St. Transfiguration Cathedral, and St. Elizabeth’s Park, sports playgrounds for schoolchildren, family medicine clinic, international humanitarian center “Personality” with library.

Every Weekend Igor Lisov Charitable Foundation “My Hometown” invites to the Street Games Festival, which takes place in the Elizabethan Park on the square near the Transfiguration Cathedral, and the “Osobistosti” theater invites everyone to various performances for adults and children..

School and kindergarten

According to the results of sociological research, the acute social need of young families in the construction of preschool educational institutions has been revealed among the residents of the Liko-Grad massif. Based on public opinion, Lico-Holding has decided to build a 200-bed preschool in the Lico-Grad residential complex (Venice neighborhood, commissioning in the fall of 2015) and increase primary school capacity ” Liko “from 1-4 level to 1-7 level – according to new calculations it is planned to build the high school in the structure of the residential complex” Liko-Grad “by 2020.

Information policy

We are always open to constructive dialogue, and therefore for your prompt informing we have launched an information support program in the form of sending SMS messages – “Liko-club”. Everyone who joins the club will soon be the first to know about the new Discount Program (discount system) for all objects located in the territory of Liko-Grad.

Join Liko-Club and be the first to know about the latest events and promotions! Send a free SMS with the text “YES” to: +38 050 625 23 15 (more details: +38 044 290-99-85).

We always take care of your comfort level in Liko-Grad!


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