Liko-Grad for Independence and Peace in Ukraine!

Today, on August 24, in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine, residents of the capital’s residential complex “Liko-Grad” together with the parishioners of the Transfiguration Cathedral prayed for Independence and Peace in Ukraine. The ideological organizer of the holiday is Igor Lisov, President of My Hometown Charitable Foundation&

Today, the Independence Day holiday of Ukraine is extremely important for every Ukrainian, because the situation in the country has united our nation, has made it patriotic, consolidated and respectful to its history. Everyone wishing to support their country in the main holiday wore embroidered shirts and after the liturgy sang the national anthem of Ukraine and left their wishes for Peace and Unity on the Ukrainian flag.
– Each of us wants to save the most precious things: children and family, peace and tranquility, work and well-being, hope and faith. We know that only respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy and justice will be done. These are our values. In them – our unity, in them – our strength. And we are ready to stand up for them, – said Igor Lisov. – Today the Charity Foundation “My Hometown” together with the parishioners of the Transfiguration Cathedral held a festive liturgy for Independence and Peace in Ukraine. As you have seen, in honor of the holiday, each of the parishioners and guests donned an embroidery, because, as they say in the people, Ukrainian embroidery is a “prayer without words”; One must learn to honor one’s own self and to teach others.
– On Independence Day, as a patriot of my country, I wish every Ukrainian to have your hearts always filled with pride for Ukraine, striving for unity and understanding, fortitude and God’s blessing, because our goal is a strong, independent and prosperous Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! – added Igor Lisov.
Also during the day in Elizabethan park everyone can participate in the holiday fair, and in the evening from 17:00 to 21:00 there will be celebrations.