Kindergarten in Liko-Grad!

Today, August 26, Liko-Holding Company addressed a letter dated August 26, 2015, No. 1085, to the Head of Kyiv City State Administration Vitaliy Klitschko, requesting to be a general contractor for the construction of a 240-seat preschool institution

For your attention the text of the appeal:

Dear Vitaliy Vladimirovich!

We would like to inform you that Liko-Holding, which has been successfully operating in the real estate construction market in Ukraine for 25 years, has built 30 residential buildings for 6590 apartments and is building 4 more houses in the residential district “Liko-Grad” of the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv.

Currently, the complex is being built in the 3rd residential district, bounded by Academician Williams, Vasily Symonenko, Lomonosov and Composer Matusus streets, which includes prospective 240-bed kindergarten and 33-grade secondary school (letter of approval of 31 project documentation) August 2007 №07-8995 was granted to TMO Liko-Holding LLC). The project documentation underwent a comprehensive state examination for compliance with the current state building standards (positive conclusion of the Kievderxpertiza service # 5928 of December 05, 2007), as well as the quarters bounded by Lomonosov, Vasily Kasyan, Marshal Konev, Akademika Williams, Academichek Williams, Williams Academic, and Williams streets. “Venice”).

It is worth noting that the Liko-Holding Company is constantly developing at its own expense the infrastructure of the metropolitan residential district “Liko-Grad”: the Cathedral of the Transfiguration with a bell tower, the Elizabethan park, the Liko Sports Center with a swimming pool of 50×25 meters, general education school classes “Liko-School”, two kindergartens “Liko-World”, a supermarket, playgrounds and sports grounds and more.

Please note that in connection with the construction of residential buildings, Liko-Holding has paid over UAH 30,000,000. taking into account the inflation index of unit contributions to the development of social and engineering infrastructure of the city of Kyiv. However, neither the territorial community nor the state budget financed the construction of any infrastructure in the Liko-Grad housing estate.

In 2007, the Holosiivsky rayon in the city of Kyiv, the state administration, recognizing the lack of preschool and secondary schools in this territory, confirmed its readiness to act as a customer for the construction of objects of social importance in the territory of the third residential district “Liko-Grad” with the budget: a preschool institution for 240 places (10 Williams Street) and a 33-grade general secondary school (33 Symonenko St.).

Due to the fact that the decision of the Kyiv City Council of November 27, 2009 №754 / 2823 was transferred land on the street. Academician Williams, 10 National Bank of Ukraine for the construction of residential buildings, residents of the residential complex “Liko-Grad” since 2009 active work and communication in writing between LLC “TMO” Liko-Holding “, National Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Presidential Administration, and with the participation of media representatives to resolve the problematic issue of the construction of the planned children’s educational institution for 240 places.

As you know, by the decree of the Executive body of the Kyiv City Council (KSCA) of 11.08.2015, № 783 National Bank of Ukraine terminated the right to use the land on the street. Academician Williams, 10 in Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv and decided to transfer it by the act of acceptance-transfer to the communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv.

Considering the above and in view of the acute social necessity in the 240-seat preschool institution, I ask you, dear Vitaliy Vladimirovich, to give the opportunity to LIKO-HOLDING to act as the general contractor for the construction of the said facility subject to the exemption of the company from payment (contribution) to the development of social and engineering-transport infrastructure of Kyiv in an amount equivalent to the cost (together with equipment and inventory) of the transferred pre-school educational institution for 240 places on the communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv.