Jesus is Risen!

Congratulations to Igor Lisov on Easter!

Jesus is Risen!!!!

In these blessed days, I sincerely congratulate all on the Feast of the Holy Resurrection of Christ!

This event brought to humanity the long-awaited joy of winning the Son of God over sin and death, settling peace in our hearts, nourishing our souls with all good things and strengthening our faith. But only then can we fully feel the importance and joy of the present holiday if we accept with all the depth of our own heart the love that the Savior has brought from Heavenly Father into the world. And, first of all, it means to follow the golden rule – to treat people exactly the way we would like them to treat us. Only under such conditions will the spiritual spring blossom into the soul of each of us.

Today, every Ukrainian must recognize himself as a member of a single and indivisible family, the family of the people of Ukraine. It is because of human pride and ambition in our Motherland that many horrible events continue for many months, forcing our hearts to squeeze in pain. In such moments, one should be especially vigilant in watching, remembering the works of charity and mutual understanding, because only through humanity and tolerance can we realize that the grace of the Resurrection of Christ has genuinely affected our hearts.

I wish everyone a good mood, excellent health, family comfort, uninterrupted success and realization of all plans. May God’s mercy and blessings enrich our lives, and peace, love and harmony reign in our homes.