For the attention of the residents of “Liko-Grad”!

Dear residents of the Lico-Grad housing estate and investors! Liko-Holding Company expresses its gratitude for productive cooperation and requests for participation in the development and improvement of the territory of the massif

We inform our residents and investors that the terms of construction of the residential complex “Venice”, as well as the houses on Lomonosov Street – are maintained:

– Sections D, E, E (2nd stage) of the Venice array – 1st quarter of 2015;

– residential building on Lomonosov Street, 46/1 – IV quarter of 2015 (commissioning of the first stages).

We would like to remind you that on any day you can get a full consultation of our managers over the telephone on the progress of construction:

Sales Department – 044 206-01-11, 044 206-01-76.

We also invite everyone to participate in the development of the corporate logo of the residential complex “Liko-Grad” and the names of its neighborhoods:

1. a neighborhood limited to the streets of Lomonosov, Symonenko, Matusus, Williams;

2. a neighborhood limited to the streets of Konev, Lomonosov, Matusus, Williams.

The best ideas will be implemented in the residential complex “Liko-Grad”.

You can send your suggestions to an email:

We are grateful to all for their confidence in this difficult time for the country and we believe in the bright future of our Motherland!

Yours sincerely, Liko-Holding staff.