Since 2014, Liko-School has been engaged in the comprehensive and harmonious development of students in the conditions of comfort, innovative equipment, and advanced pedagogical technologies. This modern educational institution has become an example of the authorial innovative school that enriches the educational space of Ukraine thanks to highly qualified specialists, progressive learning and European approaches. With its modern architectural solutions, Liko-Holding Company has provided psychological comfort for students. The modern sports hall, the spacious classrooms, the games rooms, the multifunctional video hall, the center of art-therapy, the cinema and concert hall, the medical center with physiotherapy room – these are the conditions in which the new generation of Ukrainians should grow up.

In order to transform the classroom system into a fascinating learning process, the teachers “Liko-School” use a variety of information technologies in the educational process and use interactive game-based methods such as collaborative problem-solving or modeling of life situations.

The objective of Liko-School is to educate the confident personalities of young people who will not only achieve their career success, but will also change our society for the better. The graduates of “Liko-School” are knowledgeable in modern information technologies, speak English and other languages and are able to organize their own activities.

The progressive head of the authorial technological lyceum “Liko-School” is Olena Kukharevska. Under her leadership, the school has not only become the heart of the cultural life of the residential complex “Liko-Grad”, but also has received the award “The innovative object of the year”.


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