“Liko-Svit” Nursery School

At “Liko-Svit” Kindergarten, which was established in 2011, the talented educators develop the potential of 240 children. The comfortable development environment for children is provided by a quality material and technical base, psychological support and play methods of learning. The creative interior design, the authorial design of each classroom, a bright color palette – all these things contribute to the aesthetic education of preschool children and their understanding of beauty. The nursery school also provides health care and nutrition. Children have the opportunity to visit the salt rooms on a regular basis.

This preschool educational complex consists of two nursery schools – “Liko-Svit Venetsiia” (for children from 2 to 5 years) “and” Liko-Svit “(for children from 3 to 6 years) that allows to educate and prepare a child for school in a harmonious way. The teachers of the educational complex “Liko-Svit” create a positive educational environment that positively and purposefully influences the process of the formation of the harmoniously developed personality, his or her spiritual, intellectual, physical and individual abilities. At “Liko-Svit” your baby won`t be bored – labyrinths, a room of sand animation, a cinema hall, a car racing track, sensory rooms will interest him or her from the very first day. Here your children will be able to express themselves, reveal their creativity and imagination.