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How to buy an apartment

You are determined by the apartment that you like and in which you are ready to invest.

You, with the help of your manager, apply for an apartment in the office of the Liko-Real Estate company, get an estimate of the cost of the apartment, find out the procedure for the purchase of the apartment, terms of payment, terms of putting the house into operation.

The manager prepares documents for the purchase of the apartment and receipts for payment within one or two days.

You sign contracts and make billing. Upon receipt of the funds you have the opportunity to order redevelopment in the apartment.

After the house is put into operation, you will be invited to view the apartment and receive it from the builders within a week. In the absence of comments, after three days, you sign the Act of completed works on the apartment and the Service Agreement with the operating organization. Start repairing!

Approximately two months after the commissioning of the house, the Builder is required to obtain a mailing address for the house and to make all technical passport apartments.

After that, the documents are submitted to the registration service for entering your surname as the owner of the real estate (apartment) in the state register of real rights to the real estate. Congratulations! You are the owner of the apartment!

Remember, we work for you! Therefore, while your apartment is being built, you can find out about the progress and timing of construction by calling: +38 044 206-01-11.

Accompanying your house will be the Management Company “Likozhitoservis”. You can find out more information about tariffs, service and service on the company website www.sc-liko.com.ua or by phone number: +38 (044) 596-56-85.

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