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Construction technology

For Lico-Holding as a developer, construction technology is a reputation, and for future residents it is a guarantee of comfort and safety.

Thanks to the use of the latest technology, we have embodied the “Lico-Grad” and “Venice” LCDs an author’s approach to architecture, developed a high quality finish, decorated the facade with different decorative elements. Free planning, spacious loggias, high ceilings, various forms of apartments will satisfy the taste of the most demanding clients.

Modern reliable materials, elevator systems, equipment of proven foreign brands – all this makes LCD “Lico-Grad” and LCD “Venice” a place you want to return.

The main technical indicators of homes in residential complexes “Lico Grad” and “Venice”:

Type of houses: monolithic frame.

The height of the apartment is clean: 2.73 m.

Exterior walls and partitions: gas block (Konev 12-a – ceramic block).

Interior decoration of walls: gypsum plaster.

Floor: “pie” Hemophon Polysol – 5 mm, cement-sand screed 8 cm.

Bathroom floor: additional waterproofing.

Balcony fencing: metal or vibrating blocks.

Facade: PSB-C-25 expanded polystyrene boards in the system of bonded external thermal insulation and mineral wool b = 100-150 mm.

Windows: double-chamber plastic.

Doors: metal painted with fire resistance Ei30.

Water counters: type E-T Qn 1,5-40-T (cold) E-T Qn 1,5-90-T (hot).

Internal sewage networks: in PVC risers and recesses.

Plumbing network placement: in the corridor, in public areas.

Heating system: two-pipe with lower line dilution.

Radiators: panel type, equipped with thermostatic valves.

– Power system in risers PV1ngd, PV3ngd, FLAME in metal pipes
– residential lighting networks with VVGng wire, hidden in wall and ceiling structures;
– networks of sockets of premises with PV3ngd wire and VVGng wire in pipes laid in floor preparation and VVGng wire in wall structures;
– bathrooms provide grounding.